Usually the cause is a very confused dog!  When your dog has done something wrong, what do you do?  Do you call it and then tell it off?  Probably!  Well, the last thing the dog did was come back to you and now you are telling it off!  It will have NO idea that you are talking about something it did hours ago, 30 minutes ago or even 5 minutes ago!  Your dog will be VERY confused.  If you can't take the dog to the scene of the crime or the crime to the dog or catch it in the act, forget it - the dog will have!  You will have to re-educate your dog and make coming back to you THE most fun it's ever had!  Lots of treats and cuddles and praise.

Try the dog on a lead first, call him and reel him in like a fish if he won't come, encouraging him all the way  ... when he gets to you, have something special like liver treats or something that he loves and you don't give him very often AND give him lots of cuddles and praise!  Slowly you will need to get his confidence ... it might take a little while ... use it every day too ... like if you are at one end of the house, call him and when he comes give him a great big cuddle and tell him how good he is!  Then when you think he is ready, try him off lead (preferably in your garden) - please bare in mind that at a distance, a dog cannot distinguish between you and a tree!  So either put your arms straight up in the air and call him and/or wave them around so that he can work out where you are!  It doesn't matter how long it takes for him to come back - whenever he comes back, he must be rewarded.  If you are starting to get a bit annoyed, try whistling ... a dog cannot tell your tone in a whistle!

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